Drainage services in Adelaide Hills

Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, drains get clogged. Sometimes a minor clog can slow your water’s flow and cause a backup. Other times the entire drain gets blocked and no water can flow through the system. 

At APM Plumbing, we provide a wide range of drainage services. Clogs don’t stand a chance against our tools and techniques. Let us help get your water flowing again.

Hydro jet cleaning

Our hydro-jet gets water running again with no dangerous chemicals or damage to your drains and piping. Hydro-jet treatments break up and clear tough blockages with pressured water. Shooting a continuous jet of water at more than 4000kPa, clogs don’t stand a chance.

Electric drain cleaning

Think your drains are blocked? You should never flush anything that doesn’t belong down the toilet. That includes baby wipes, cigarettes, tissues, tampons, sanitary napkins and nappies. Some toilet bowl deodorant products can erode and be toxic to the environment. 

Most kitchen waste blockages are caused by pouring fat into the sink. Bathroom drains are usually blocked by hair. 

Most blocked drains are cleared in an hour using an electric drain machine. If the drain has been blocked for a long time, we have other methods to clear it, like our hydro jet or camera methods.

Emergency after hours service

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