Pipe repair in Adelaide Hills

CCTV camera/pipe locator

This inspection is done by inserting a camera into the plumbing system to locate any problems. The camera will clearly pinpoint any broken pipes, defects or tree toot problems in stormwater drains and sewers. Knowing where the problem is helps us know if there needs to be excavation or if a much simpler repair should be done. 

Leaking taps & burst pipes

Many leaking taps are caused by pits and grooves in their seats that need to be re-seated. If they are not re-seated you may hear tapware squealing. If this is happening, we would be happy to replace tap washers and the o’rings and service and lubricate your tap.
Do not over tighten new washers. A new pressure limit valve may be required.

Hot water service, repairs and replacement

Everyone should flush the pressure relief valve on their hot water heater every six to twelve months. These valves should be replaced every five years to protect the life of your hot water system. We replace these valves fast, ensuring your hot water heater remains in tip-top shape.

A hot water heater not heating may require replacing an element or thermostat. If the hot water unit has a major leak, we can help with the replacement and get your hot water back as quickly as possible.

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